CORontine Corps

An archive of dance performances created during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.

Exquisite Corps is the inspiration for CORontine Corps. I initially envisioned students in their home environments linking phrases together documenting the aloneness together. After reaching out to Mitchell Rose, he very generously shared an assignment he gives his students based on his Exquisite Corps project. I have attached his PDF below. If you choose to use his project, please credit him accordingly.

A Message From Mitchell Rose

[This intellectual property is for educational purposes only, not for professional endeavors.]
I’ve been getting many inquiries from teachers looking to do things with their students remotely, and they’ve asked if I could bless/help them make a film like my “Exquisite Corps” or “And So Say All of Us.”
The problem with doing these films is that they’re put together sequentially. “Exquisite Corps” took two years. Believe me, you don’t want to try doing this with your students.
But I have a variation that I do with my Dance-Film students where all the shooting happens simultaneously.
I’ve written a detailed manual on how to do it. Good luck and have fun.

Dance Chain Project