An Archival Project for the ENTIRE Dance Community

Submission date extended to July 1.  
Due to the important social justice work dancers are currently and continuing to engage, we have extended the time to be a part fo the CORontine Corps archive. 

A Global Dance Project for the ENTIRE Dance Community: a resilient response to COVID-19

March 2020 will be known as the month the world of education went online. Social Media, Google Docs, and other platforms were mobilized to share resources and ideas. Heather Castillo, MiRi Park, Elizabeth Kattner presented a webinar with the Dance Studies Association. The project CORontine Corps came to fruition during a few late night Zoom sessions as Heather, MiRi, Elizabeth and DSA Executive Director Lizzie Leopold discussed webinar content.

This is a project where the global dance community can come together and archive our collective moment of virtual education and CORontine.

Mitchell Rose’s Exquisite Corps  was the inspiration for the project and provides a potential framework  for those who want to participate in the  CORontine Corps project. The final project will be a storymap of the globe with all of the schools and programs that have submitted virtual projects while in quarantine. If you have any questions please contact

Inspired by Exqusite Corps by Mitchell Rose

“Exquisite Corpse is an old parlor game by which a collection of words or images is assembled, often resulting in humorous and nonsensical phrases or drawings – much like an early version of Mad Libs.

Each collaborator adds to the composition without seeing what the previous person contributed. Ohio State filmmaker Mitchell Rose put this idea into dance form and produced what he calls “a chain love letter to dance” in Exquisite Corps.”- Broad and High, youtube Mitchell Rose