CORontine Corps

An archive of dance performances created during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.

Be a part of the CORontine Corps! 

The CORontine Corps project seeks to document the various ways dancers, programs, schools, companies etc. have adapted their performances during the pandemic. The more submissions we have the more we will be able to look at the seeds of the paradigm shift that has been accelerated by our virtual pedagogical immersion.

The archive will be a public and open access resource. It will be housed at the CSU Channel Islands Broome Library.  

An archive of Virtual Performance during the Pandemic for the entire Dance Community 

CORontine Corps was an idea that stemmed out of conversations between Heather Castillo and MiRi Park while planning for the first webinar they  held on Moving Dance Based Pedagogy Online. The initial intention was to provide guidelines and support to those educators and students who were losing their live performances an avenue to pivot to a virtual medium.

Moving Dance Based Pedagogy Online Webinar

10 months later, the CORontine Corps seems to have a larger purpose.  The collection of performances from Spring and Fall 2020 will prvovide insight years to come. 
The innovations, pivots, and reimagining of performance has been spectacular.
Introducing CORontine Corps 2.0!
The project is expanding and time has been secured for Spring 2021 to focus on building this project.  We are asking for people to upload Spring Performances if they have not yet submitted so we can have a large pool of videos that is representative of dance globally. We are opening a second call for Fall 2020. The comparing and contrasting of the two seasons/semesters from pivot to planning will demonstrate growth, equity and resources.

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Spring 2020 SubmissionsSpring 2020 Piece info Survey

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Fall 2020 Video FilesFall 2020 Creative Survey

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